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EkoDoc is a Real Time Online Appointment Booking System. It has been designed and developed primarily for the Medical and Associated fields. It is an ideal solution for Doctors, Multi-specialty Clinics and Hospitals. It allows new and old patients to book appointments with the Doctor without having to call the doctor or the clinic on phone. The patient can do this any time of the day or night in real time. It works across all devices like laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The Doctor/Hospital will get their own website free with the system which will have the appointment system integrated on the front page of the website.


Choosing a slot, Any patient, new or old, can go to the site and see the appointment slots available with the doctor consultation. The slots are color coded so that the patient can see the holiday, booked and free slots Black : Doctor not Available Red : Slot Booked Green : Slot Available The patient can click on any available slot marked in green and immediately a window will open for quick registration. Only after registration, the appointment will get booked

Quick Register, The patient will choose the date they want to see the doctor from the field above the appointment slots. As soon as the patient clicks on any available slot, the registration form will open right there and the patient will be asked to fill a few personal details before proceeding for appointment fixing.

Login, If the patient is an old patient and is already registered, they will not have to register again. As soon as they feed in their Email ID, the system will recognize them and when they click on the next (Phone) field, the display will change and they will be asked for their password. Only after they have entered the correct password, their appointment will be fixed. If they have forgotten their password, there is a “forgot password” option where patient can get a new password in their mail after typing their email in the space provided. The new password will be sent to their registered Email which they gave at the time of prior registration.

Appointment Details After a new patient has registered through the above process, the details of their appointment will be instantly displayed in the screen along with a message that their appointment and registration details have been sent to their mail.

Appointment Details on Email The patient can login to their email and see the details, which will be stored with them for future reference. A link is sent in the email from where they can see their appointment schedule and details. This link will be active for a long period of time.


Doctor Login, The Doctor will get their own Admin Panel to login where they will be able to see the appointments, patient details etc. The will login with their email ID and password. In case the doctor forgets their password, they can get their new password in the mail through “forgot password” function. This login will take the doctor to their admin panel.

The admin panel is the Doctor’s control room. Here the Doctor can view their appointments for any particular day or month. The can also set their appointment slots and holidays. The can see their patient details which the patient filled at the time of registration. They can also see the reviews that the patient has given to them after the consultation is over.

Work Settings, Through the Admin Panel, the Doctor can set their appointment slots by clicking on the menu tab labeled “Work Setting” from the top left of the screen. A menu function will open where the Doctor can set their availability for the morning and evening consultation schedules. The system will automatically arrange slots on the website with equal intervals of 20 minutes for the timing set by the Doctor. In another window, the Doctor can block any particular day when they will not be present, like Sunday or any other holiday. They can also set their consultation fee, if they desire, or leave it blank. The fee will be displayed to the patient after their appointment is booked.

View and Search Appointments, The Doctor can view their appointments in the Admin Panel in a chart form. The Doctor will be able to view appointments of any particular date or month, by entering the date (13 jan) or the month (jan) in the search panel above the appointment chart. The chart initially shows all appointments and will display only the latest 10 appointments. The Doctor can see earlier 10 appointments by clicking on “page 2” at the bottom of the chart. The Doctor can also filter the appointment by entering name; email ID or phone number of the patient, if they want to see the appointment of any particular patient.

How to Update Appointments, After the Doctor has completed the consultation of a patient, the doctor can go back to the Admin Panel “Appointments” section and click on the “completed” button on the extreme right of the table. After selecting the “complete” button, the Doctor must click on the green “Update Appointments” button to complete the cycle.

After the Doctor has updated the Appointment, an email will be sent to the Patient on their registered Email ID. Also, the appointment chart will now show “closed” in the Status column of the chart. This will be a record for the Doctor that the patient has visited them and consultation is complete. The Doctor also has the option of reopening the appointment, if they have to give more advice to the patient based on feedback from the patient at a later date.

As soon as the Doctor “closes” an appointment, the patient will instantly receive a mail on their registered email ID requesting them for a review of the Doctor. The mail will contain a link to a page which will allow them to rate the Doctor with comments and a “star” rating.

How to get Ratings and Feedback from the Patients, After the patient clicks on the link provided in the email sent to them, the will be redirected to a new page where they can give star rating to the Doctor based on their experience and also give their comments regarding their consultation etc.

How to Block Unwanted Feedback, This feedback will be sent back to the Doctor’s Admin Panel and the Doctor can see the reviews and comments of all the patients in a chart. Doctor will have the choice to “show” or “hide” the rating and the comments given by any patient by selecting the option on the right side of the chart and updating by clicking on the green “update testimonials” button in the bottom.

Your Feedback as Testimonials, After the Doctor approves the Rating and Feedback given by the patients, the feedback will be shown on the bottom of the website, in rotation